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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Susan Ward in ABC Family’s “Make It or Break It”


Susan Ward played one of the main characters, Chloe Kmetko in ABC Family’s “Make It or Break It” in the first two seasons (2009-2011). Chloe is Emily’s mother. She deals with financial struggles, at one point calling her ex-boyfriend she vowed never to talk to again in order to fund Emily’s requirements for Nationals.

She cares for both of her kids, and does whatever she can to try and get them what they want. Chloe works at a salon. She is shown depressed at how Emily believes that she hasn’t changed, but has shown great care and devotion to Emily and Brian. She is eccentric and energetic, and often reveals information that she shouldn’t have said. Chloe has a crush on Sasha, the coach at Emily’s gymantics club…

The show focuses on the lives of teen Olympic gymnastic hopefuls in training for the big event. The show, set in the world of competitive gymnastics, follows a group of gymnasts training at the top-notch Rocky Mountain Gymnastic Training Center, known as The Rock. While their individual skills make each of the four girls serious contenders at the Olympics, the group is continuously fraught with internal conflict that threatens to distract them from their goal. With the help of their tough but compassionate coach, Sasha Beloff, the gymnasts must overcome the drama and arguments to succeed.
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